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Introductory comments

Hello all! I am slowly moving past my technological reticence. Who knew that there were that many steps (and passwords) to accessing and maintaining a blog?!

First, I wanted to make a few introductory comments to set the stage for how I’m approaching this blog:

I’m writing each post with the belief that as Peter Block notes in his book The Answer to How is Yes, “the value of others’ stories is to give us hope [rather than] to tell us how to proceed.” The posts will each share some aspect of the hope and inspiration I’ve written about in one of my books or that I’m currently making notes on for a future book. Each will come with the prayer that you may also find hope and inspiration as you travel your own path.

In writing it is my intention to follow Spirit rather than any strict schedule though I will not let too much time go by between posts. Feel free to nudge me with questions or comments at any time.

One last note: I often joke that my superpower is finding books. So, I will often include a section I call Book Providence. In this section I will list and very briefly describe one or more books that inspired or affirm and extend what I’ve written about in my post.

1 Comments on “Introductory comments”

  1. Thank you for sharing, always positive and uplifting. Looking forward to your future “superpower” book recommendations.

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