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Heaven on earth is a reality that defies description and even belief at times. Yet all who have fallen in love, felt deep wonder, or witnessed what could only be classified as a miracle can attest to its presence. Unfortunately, that presence is all too often only fleeting, an experience that leaves us awaiting the next extraordinary event. What if it didn’t have to be so? What if it was possible to sustain the experience of heaven on earth?

Other Books

Unwrapping Beloved’s Gift, Co-Creating Soul’s Song

In the vein of books like Gunilla Norris’ Sheltered in the Heart: Spirituality in Deep Friendship, this book can best be described as a meditational map. Inspired by the author’s unexpected reconnection with a beloved friend, it offers a series of personal and scriptural reflections tracing the spiritual journey launched by that reconnection.

Skilled Dialogue
Ever needed to communicate or even collaborate with someone who just didn’t agree with you or see things as you did? Think there’s only two options: their way to your way?

Barrera and Kramer propose a third option inclusive of both ways. They present an approach that goes beyond “both-and” to arrive at a third option: Skilled Dialogue, a field-tested series of strategies that can transform contradictory interactions into complementary ones.

Beloved’s Gift
The story of an unexpected journey that started with the return of an old friend and led to make believing more than making believe.